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POV Planet image POV Planet

Same as before with LOTS of PhotoShop post processing. Click and download the high resolution 300dpi PDF, 70 MB.

POV-Ray rendered Robot image Robot

LOOK... It's a robot... The beings that inhabit POV Planet.

POV-Ray rendered Communication Node image Communication Node

Communication Node in the POV Planet universe.

POV-Ray rendered Spider image Spider Poster

Needs something else.. hmm... 2005

POV-Ray rendered Device image Device

An ancient device uncovered by beings from the distant future.

POV-Ray render image of a flower Flower

This is one of the only images I actually created for someone, ex-girlfriend (Misty).

POV-Ray rendered mathematical spiral thing Spiral

Another mathematically generated image, always enjoy creating complexity from math.

POV-Ray rendered neon lights Neon

Multi colored neon lights.

POV-Ray rendered image C00l

Strange varitation on the planet image!

POV-Ray rendered image of a roman tempal Pillar

Modified version from my senior project in 95'

POV-Ray rendered mechanical fish image Mechanical Fish

This idea came from the Transformers the Movie scene where the to autobots are on the water/funky planet. 1998

POV-Ray rendered fractal mapped image Frac

A fractal cut from a sphere with a bunch more spheres.

POV-Ray rendered image of something crazy Tentical Creature

Just having fun with a sin wave and some lights!

POV-Ray renderd StarWars Pod Racer Engine image Pod Racer Engine

My personal version of a Start Wars Pod Racer engine.

Image of a POV-Ray rendered space ship Ship2


Image of a POV-Ray rendered blob Blob

First loop-based (generated) povray image, 1996.

An example logo image rendered in POV-Ray New Logo
A partial nude woman renderd in Poser Fantastic

First poser model with a little photoshop post-processing.

An ORB image rendered in POV-Ray The ORB
A weird image renderd in POV-Ray Weird2
A lighting test image rendered in POV-Ray Lighting


Digital High image rendered in POV-Ray Digital High


Another image renderd in POV-Ray with no good name :) Thing


Spheres reflected in a mirrored box, rendered in POV-Ray Infinite


Midevil chain ball rendered in POV-Ray Chain Ball