How Ignoring SEO can Destroy Your Business

Anyone who has tried to talk about SEO to anyone, there is usually the argument that it’s unpredictable, that PPC is better, or that it takes too long. While yes, there is a common misconception that the benefits of SEO aren’t that clear when compared to PPC or social media, but it actually has a better value for your money in many cases. A well thought out strategy will get people to your website. Quality content that’s tailored to the needs of customers will boom the conversion rate. If you ignore it though, you’re not just losing a few sales, it can destroy you, and here is how.

First, there is the mistake of using PPC in place of SEO. Some people try to calculate online conversion. While many times that does have some good insights, there are a number of times where the variables can’t be captured.

For example, the fact that you can optimize a site with keywords for people at different stages, whether it be educational content or product pages gives yo9u more people. On the other hand, PPC is just going to lead you to sales pages each time, and usually, the people who convert in this case, were primed by organic content that they saw. For example, 44% of people who shop online use a search engine, and this is true of those who use brick and mortar businesses still, since usually they get the phone number of the business via a search engine.

While PPC has a higher conversion rate, the net is much narrower, whereas SEO allows you to broaden the net and get more potential customers as they look through the research. Essentially, without it you’re basically leaving sales and leader there, and missing a whole bunch of opportunities.

Then there are niches.  Many times, people think that when it comes to targeting, the goal is a few high-traffic terms to get enough.  One of the biggest parts of SEO is actually getting into the thought process of these customers.  For example, basic keywords won’t give you research, but if you’re more specific, you’ll get people.  Minor distinctions do play a huge part, and some companies could be missing out on huge portions of revenue if they’re not careful.

Then there are Google updates. If you ignore these, you’re going to have a lot of issues.  After 2016, when Google updated the algorithm, it actually created huge traffic losses, especially in health and wellness. Some even claimed that the update screwed their business over. While you can’t really predict the outcome of updates, many times if you adhere to SEO as best as you can, it can mitigate the chances of being impacted adversely by all of this. For example, once you clear out the smoke from it, usually those that were lacking in expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness were the ones most hit. That’s why, if you create quality content and build trust, you’re going to have a great SEO strategy that can take the hits when Google decides to change things on a whim.

Then there is another huge problem that’s still a factor in 2018.  That is, using agencies and developers that don’t know how to redesign the sites that they have. There are so many times when companies are called in the last minute to redesign, only to find out that the site is in JavaScript, or made huge errors that will result in google demolishing this.  Then, there is the idea that a few keywords here and there will immediately fix the rankings. That is not the case.

If you do go ahead and redesign, you need to bring in a san Jose SEO consultant that knows how to make sure that you’re doing it right so that Google doesn’t take away the rankings and other income streams if you’re not careful.

SEO is still very much used, and if you follow these tips here and there, making sure that you don’t completely kill your site, you’ll be much happier, and you’ll be able to create a beautiful result from this.  It does make a huge difference if you do use  seo too.

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