Mistakes Make a Link Builder Perfect

The most consistent thing about link builders is that they make mistakes, especially the ones who start doing this business. But, is it the bad thing? Well, the link builders would certainly say they don’t like to make mistakes, but experts believe that making mistakes in link building helps you to make better links next time. This habit of making mistakes remains there until you get necessary experience about several factors which play important role in building. Once those basics are set, you will certainly be able to explore new things without making further mistakes.


Having said that, here are some mistakes that link builder usually make in the beginning.

Contacting someone who strictly doesn’t allow links

You may be able to find a good website for the guest post but you will have to make sure if they allow you to post the link back to your website. Some guest blogging platforms are run by information sharing enthusiasts who would allow anyone to use their platform for advertising purposes. Again, you will learn about the newer aspects of building links if you are refused to make links on these platforms.

Building links on hacked site

Any normal link builder would build links on hacked site without realizing about the mistake he/she is making. But, it is one of the most dangerous mistakes a link builder can make. Therefore running “site: search” before selecting a website for link building is always important.

Building links on a de-indexed site

Although, there might not be a fatal disadvantage of building link on the website which is not yet indexed by Google, the waste of time and energy is something you wouldn’t really want when you know that there is tough competition going on. The easiest way to check whether a site is indexed is to paste the URL in search field and hit enter.

Using wrong location

This one is pretty much associated with the local SEO. When you perform the local link building, you are basically promoting a website in a specific locality. So, if you are targeting the businesses and local platforms from other states or countries, you are obviously playing a worthless game.

Dealing with someone treacherous

Partnerships in high quality link building practices do exist. When you start link building or a new website, you have to keep it mind that you are not in a position to engage in a trade of high quality links. So, if an apparently high quality website owner asks you to add their links in your website in response to getting your website added in their pages, you need to be wary about the intentions, especially when you know that your website stands nowhere.

Contacting the websites owned by your client

This mistake rather ends up bringing embarrassment for you. Your efforts to contact the sister sites of the site you are working on will make the client aware about your tactics. Although, the client will not mind about the tactics you are following, they would certainly perceive it as your desperation to earn links.